4 replies to Anjyu Kouzuki – Set 5

  1. Clit Eastwood

    Fantastic honey! Btw, piece of useless info: “The clit is much larger than some people assume. It actually surrounds the vagina. The protuberance is only 5% of the clitoris.”

  2. Yozora

    Hold up. Wasn’t it here +10 pages worth of Anjyu’s sets? What happened to them? Honestly, Anjyu is my favorite and I need them back 🙁

  3. V

    Yes, I also remember that there were many more of her sets here, and posted not long ago, too. The same thing recently happened with Miina Tsubaki’s sets, but thankfully they’re being reposted daily. Perhaps they’re being replaced with better or original quality versions, and the former posts included lower quality copies? I can only hope we get all of both girls’ sets back eventually.

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