5 replies to Anjyu Kouzuki – Set 21

  1. Her Dad

    The bikini, the knee-highs, the face and that sensational perfect body. Anjyu’s frikken awesum man

  2. Chelle

    Cosplay plus plus- as Anjyu takes off the fantasy maid costume. The set is wall-to-wall smiles that really inject energy into everything!

  3. Anonymous

    i check this site every day for new anjyu sets. it has been a great week. thank you idolblog!

  4. jlasso33

    watching her peel off her clothes bit at a time is very appealing, more than if she just appeared with the bikini.

  5. Chelle

    Anjyu proves that the little “maid” outfit looks great both when she is dressed with it, and when she gets rid of it and carries on posing in the house in bra and knickers. What a star.

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